Myrtle Beach Furniture List

Myrtle Beach Furniture List

Atlantic Bedding and Furniture

1540 Hwy. 501, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577  (843) 685-3978

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

565 Market Ct, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577  (843) 839-5410

Norwalk Furniture

1580 Stockholder Ave, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577   (843) 839-1580

Find the Best Furniture for Your House at wholesale furniture myrtle beach store

Find the Best Furniture for Your House at wholesale furniture myrtle beach store

A house will never be a home without the right kind of furniture that will reflect a home owner’s personality and style. It also features that there is a family or person living there and that it is lived in. That’s why it is important for a homeowner to buy the right kind of furniture that will reflect his or her personality.

A lot of people still dream of having a house these days. With the current economy, this is hard to do but some still try to work hard in order to reach this kind of dream. On the other hand, there are those who have been lucky, and also through hard work, to be able to purchase a house these days. Now what is the next best thing to do once you have a house already? Well you should now buy furniture and if you have a tropical themed house, wholesale furniture myrtle beach is the best choice for you.

There are people who love the beach. In every chance they get, they go to the nearest beach they can go to and swim away. But this is not always possible especially for busy people. That’s why it is now becoming a trend to have tropical themed houses. These houses have breezy ventilation and have colors that are reminiscent of the beach. Usually these colors are green, orange, yellow, and the likes. That’s why when they buy furniture; they choose the ones that match these colors.

When you choose the kind of paint colors for your interiors, you should choose hues that are like the same colors of the water, sand and the sky. These colors are soft blues, coral, sand tones, sheer pink, and light greens. These palettes will surely help you choose the right kind of furniture for you. So when you buy furniture, you should buy the one sunder ‘cottage furniture’. You may think of couch slipcovers, rattan stools, Adirondack chairs, and the likes. Usually, furniture made of wood will help you feel as if you are inside a beach villa. You should also choose the ones that can greatly flatter the sunlight that can come from your bay windows.

On the other hand, when it comes to your bedding, you should choose the right kind of patterns and designs. Usually, you can mix and match soft colors and vibrant patterns in order to make you feel relaxed all day long. You can also opt to choose rattan made chairs for your guests and for a day wherein you just want to sit down and read with natural light. Being near the beach through your home interiors is becoming a trend these days. All you really need to do is choose the right kind of furniture and color tones.

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Maintaining Your Eucalyptus Patio Furniture

Maintaining Your Eucalyptus Patio Furniture

Simply buying eucalyptus furniture to increase the show of your patio is not enough. You need to care for it regularly as warping damages the furniture. Below are given certain maintenance tips that can keep the furniture in good condition.

The furniture you splurge on needs to be maintained properly. Moreover, Eucalyptus patio furniture needs good maintenance. Furniture that is not being used has to be cared for more. We consider wood to be alive and this is very much true for eucalyptus furniture. This furniture is mostly used in patios and hence they are always exposed to various elements. They expand when exposed to humid temperatures and rain. They contract when exposed to the sun and dry air. This leads to cracks due to warping and that is not a great sight for you. However, warping is unavoidable although regular maintenance can expand the life of the furniture.


Maintenance Tips

Various methods of maintenance involve cleaning, painting, sanding, fixing, and oiling. Wash your eucalyptus furniture regularly; weekly washing is good, bi-weekly washing is better. Use soapy water or plain water to clean. Everything depends on the environment they are kept in. The first step is to remove all dirt, dust, grime, and bird droppings. Use a bristle brushing for scrubbing the furniture. Post scrubbing, wash again and spray soapy water. Use a sponge to apply the solution. Again wash the surface clean. Never expose the furniture to extreme conditions. Keep them under a shade.

Palm_Est_Chaise_Side_TblYour objective is to minimize warping as much as possible. At least cover the furniture with a plastic cloth when not being used. Again, covering the furniture with plastic cloth for a long time will damage it due to mildew and mold growth. Caring for your furniture is a continuous process. There are certain annual maintenance tips too that include tightening the screws, painting, sanding, and oiling. To prevent the silver-grey coloration, sanding is important. Most patio eucalyptus furniture turns silvery-grey after a year or so. This color might seem appealing but is very harmful.

Get a 120 grit sandpaper and sand the furniture once a year. Use flaxseed oil to maintain the natural color of your eucalyptus furniture. Once you have sprayed the flaxseed oil, use a lint cloth to wipe it. This makes the furniture look brand new. Use a color fixer once a year to maintain the stain of your furniture. The fixer should be of high quality. The color fixer is used the same way as the oil. In extreme weather conditions, oiling and painting need to be done twice a year. Warping leads to loosening of screws. Tighten them too!

You Just Fell in Love with Buffet Furniture

You Just Fell in Love with Buffet Furniture

A multipurpose piece of furniture can not only be convenient but is also a style statement. That is why people are nearly crazy about buffet furniture. You can use the buffets in various ways – in the kitchen, as a bar, and so on so forth.

The smell of a freshly-cooked meal is heart-warming. The joy is incomparable as long as the cooking goes smoothly enough. How do you ensure that the meal you prepare is flawless? You got to have adequate space for utensils and dishes. Your entrees must have enough space to enjoy the meal. That is why buffet furniture is a favorite among many. They have amazing storage capacity and they are perfect in shape and size. The adaptable buffet tables are useful almost about anywhere. These tables mostly are bought to serve the dining space. However, one can use them anywhere inside their homes.


Buffet Tables – An Overview

The concept is relatively new when compared to other types of dining furniture. They have French roots and became popular during the latter half of the 18th century. Before that the word buffet was used to describe furniture that was fixed, movable or built-in. The furniture had a large enough space for serving dishes and also space for displaying dinnerware. Thus buffet encompasses all – storage, material, and style. Most buffets have shelves. The most prominent storage option is the open shelves. For storing everyday items, shelf-heavy buffets are the most beneficial.

Flair_Collection_dining_set_dark_marocco_finishShow and convenience, these are the primary features of the buffet tables. Before buying, make sure that the buffet is large enough to accommodate all the treasures you are about to flaunt. These tables have become mighty popular in modern times and have extracted “oohs” and “aaahs” from all parts of the world. You might choose a buffet cabinet for storing valuable items. These have glass doors. You can also go for frosted glass, hand-painted oak, or finished rubber wood. Hinged, opaque cabinet doors are mainly used for entertainment consoles. For areas that have high foot traffic, use sliding doors for your convenience.

Buffets featuring a cellaret or wine racks are of premium nature. Their warm undertones are always eye-catching. Integrate a bar in your room by showcasing decanters, wine, and liquors. Buffets are versatile. Modern or traditional, it integrates seamless with any décor. There are various other types of buffets – bedroom buffets, hallway buffets, and home-office buffets. As you can see, you need not necessarily put the buffet in your kitchen cum dining space. Choose a good furniture store and go through the many options. Start a happy hour in your home using a sideboard as a bar. Start your search now!

Go Green with the Contemporary Rattan Furniture

Go Green with the Contemporary Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture or cane furniture is the furniture which is made from stems of bamboo plants. The versatility and durability of this furniture makes this more advantageous than other furniture. Cane furniture is best suited to outdoors as it is resistant to extreme weather conditions.

url4Furnishing your home or a commercial establishment is an interesting task. With so many options available in the market today, we get confused to choose the right material. With increase in awareness of global warming and greenhouse effect, people have started to rethink about their plastic furniture. The major trend that we get to see today across the globe is choosing the earthy materials for furnishing.  The increasing drift to bring natural materials inside the home is due to the positive energy associated with it. Using rattan or cane furniture is first among the list. The benefits associated with this rattan furniture are countless. This article is an effort to bring light to some of the major advantages.

Benefits of Rattan Furniture

In the past rattan furniture was used only in luxurious hotels and restaurants give the ambience a royal look, but now it is used by home owners and business people across the globe due to its versatility. Living space today has been considerably reduced and people are more space conscious, so the need of flexible furniture is highly preferred.  As cane furniture is very light, it can be easily moved from one room to another. This light weight nature makes it very easy for ladies o re arrange the furniture in different styles as they wish, without waiting for someone to help.

Furnishing the outdoor is very difficult as sunlight fades away leathers and upholstered furniture, but this problem is completely nil in rattan furniture as rattan is resistant to heat, and strong weather conditions. Furniture made with cane can be kept both indoors and outdoors. This nature of rattan furniture makes it as an excellent choice to furnish outdoors. It is also rust proof and is free from damage of termites and roaches.

Even though cane furniture looks light, it is stronger than any ordinary wood and is long lasting. Furniture made with tested high quality cane does not break out easily and is very easy to maintain. It can be easily painted and stained to match with the interior of the home, although only the natural color is highly preferred. Cane furniture allows air to pass through it this makes the user to feel more comfortable.

Rattan furniture is less expensive than the wood and leather furniture. Cane is environmental friendly and does not emit toxic substances even after moisture absorption. It is organic and is decomposed easily. Rattan furniture does not occupy much space and avoids the stuffing look which is unavoidable in heavy wood furniture. The style and unique designs that are part of the cane furniture is one of the main benefit associated with it.

Contract Furniture: Everything You Wanted To Know

Contract Furniture: Everything You Wanted To Know

Contract furniture is the term associated with that furniture which is specifically built and sold for commercial purposes. This furniture is for non-residential usage and can only be used in commercial areas like bars, lounges, discos, educational institutions, hotels, etc. The furniture includes a contract between the buyer and the seller regarding its usage terms and conditions. The furniture come with a five year warranty/guarantee and are of high quality, superior design and built, optimum comfort and extremely durable.

url5In your search quest for furniture, you must have come across the term ‘contract furniture’ at some point or other. So what does contract furniture actually mean? How it relates to the usage and the designs of the furniture? Well, you will find your answers here.

Knowing Contract Furniture

In simple terms, contract furniture can be defined as that furniture which is specially meant for various commercial purposes. This type of furniture is used in hotels, guest houses, restaurants, bars, lounges, offices, B&B’s, health clubs, discos, rest houses, educational institutions and in various other leisure facilities. These furniture are used by letting agents, landlords and by university halls to accommodate students, etc.

A wide range of furnishing commodities falls under this category of furniture. The list is pretty ceaseless including commodities such as contract mattresses, bed frames, chairs, sofas, desks, lighting’s, bedroom furniture, upholstery, dining room facilities, kitchen facilities, linens and many more.

Since contract furniture is strictly meant for commercial purposes, there are certain aspects which you should properly evaluate before making a purchase. Assess the durability, design and style of the furniture properly. It should be of superior quality and should facilitate effortless maintenance. Check out for its other aspects like warranty/guarantee, after-sales support, delivery terms, safety norms, installation manuals, spare parts, etc. Know the payment options and the contract terms properly.

While talking about contract furniture, the term ‘contract’ can’t be overlooked. The term ‘contract’ refers to the fact that the buyer and the seller have to undertake a written agreement mutually while making the deal. This agreement (contract) comes with several terms, usage conditions and safety regulations. In United States, when furniture is sold for any commercial purpose, it has to meet several strict criteria to fulfill certain US standards.

The contract terms include that the furniture can only be used for non-residential/commercial purposes. A violation of this term can lead to legal consequences. Furthermore, the contract also ensures that the furniture completely meets all the US safety standards for commercial furniture. The furniture has been thoroughly checked and is flawless. The regulations of the contract are bound on everyone involved in the business chain – from the manufacturers and the suppliers to the buyers, letting agents, upholsters and the secondhand furniture dealers.

In terms of the benefits offered, the contract furniture’s can be highly advantageous. Being under the scanner of the regulatory bodies ensures that they are of high quality and extremely durable. They have top-quality design and high grade build quality. They offer superior comfort too. They come with minimum 5 years of warranty/guarantee to ensure long lasting.

Buy the Right Wooden Furniture for your Office Room!

Buy the Right Wooden Furniture for your Office Room!

Buying furniture sets for your office might seem to be a very boring task. Even if you get hold of some, it might get out of your budget and you might end up buying unwanted stuff. Thus, it is advisable that you make a list of the sets which you really want and then carry on with the mission.

When you will decide upon buying some new furniture for your office space, you first have to make a rough sketch that what all things will serve your purpose the best. See the size of your office room as it will let you get an idea of the shapes and sizes of the sets it will fit in. This will let you shop more easily and also you will not end up spending more on the furniture sets.

images1Act Smart while Buying Furniture!

It is very important to chalk out your budget for furniture shopping. You should figure out how much money you can actually spend on the furniture sets. This will help you to remain in budget and stop you from spending much. Also, make a list of the furniture types. Like if you need tables and chairs, you should make a list of how many of them do you actually need and what shape and size is required. This will make your shopping spree much easier and comfortable.

Another thing which you should do to lessen your work is that you can search out for some local wooden furniture stores in your locality. The websites of some reputed stores are ought to be present and there you can even see the furniture pictures and their prices. Searching on the web will give you a rough idea about the prices of the furniture available at the market. Likewise you can mould your budget and also you can visit the stores whose pictures have appealed to you the best.

Ergonomic furniture sets are in a great demand nowadays. We all spend hours in our desks and it is very important to keep ourselves fit. Ergonomic furniture fits well to our body and also makes us sit comfortable for long tiring hours. However, these furniture sets doesn’t good look all the time but if you want to choose comfort over looks, then this is it. These are extremely comfortable, have elbow and arms on them which rest your whole body and relax you even if you are in the office for a long period of time.

Buying furniture sets for your office may seem very much tiring and thus, it is really required to do some research before buying them. Start planning about the buying list before a month and also ask your friends and acquaintances and gather knowledge about good office furniture from them. This will help you to carry out the whole process smoothly and with less trouble.

How to Buy Right Wooden Furniture for Home?

How to Buy Right Wooden Furniture for Home?

There is a wide array of wood furniture present in the market. A layman can be confused about which furniture to buy. However, you could consider some points which may aid you to zero in on the correct furniture.

If you are contemplating of giving your home fresh and new look using some wooden furniture, you may be upholstering your house for the very first time. You may never know how to purchase the proper wooden furniture. Arrive at a budget prior to visiting the furniture shop or prior to browsing various online websites. This is because if you have an idea regarding the amount you have set aside to spend for buying new furniture, then you may save lot of energy and time while shopping. You will not need to spend your time searching for wooden furniture which does not fit within your budget.

When you buy furniture, you must always bear in mind the space available in your house. Wooden furniture may be available in several shapes. Hence, you can be rest assured and find one which perfectly fits inside your house. If there is lot of space inside your house, your choice could be seemingly endless. You can purchase any kind of furniture that you desire if your home is large in size. Your choices are limited in case the space available is small. You must consider the size of furniture you wish to buy. Decide well in advance about the furniture size you prefer to buy.

Wooden-furnitureYou do not have to visit the furniture shop in person for knowing the furniture size. You may get a good idea regarding the wooden furniture size simply by scouring various online furniture websites. The size of the wooden furniture is as different as their shape. Lightweight furniture is also available in plenty. Such furniture can also be transported very easily. Therefore, in case you have prior idea regarding the furniture size you prefer, your purchase could become easier. You must also pay attention to the finishing of the furniture. Wooden furniture may have lot of finishes. Some may have veneer finishing while others may have wooden polish finish. Others possess colorful paintings. Your selection should be based on your home’s interior decoration.

You must consider the style of your furniture. The various furniture styles are endless and usually mirror the traits and personality of the homeowner. The furniture style can be flirty and fun, classy and sophisticated to edgy and modern. The furniture repertoire has everything. Have a proper idea regarding the wooden furniture style you wish to buy while you go to shop. This will aid in saving your time. The well known furniture styles that are available nowadays comprise of casual, traditional, modern, country, contemporary, eclectic, formal, French retro or modern, classic and renaissance. Purchase furniture which complements your house perfectly.

Things to Remember while Buying Unfinished Furniture

Things to Remember while Buying Unfinished Furniture

Investing in unfinished furniture is a good idea. However, check for the kind of wood used, the level of furniture, and what is used to join the furniture pieces together.

Major retailers generally sell heavily priced and most often lesser quality furniture. Hence, going for unfinished furniture is a good idea. You can furnish your house using unfinished furniture as it is a good idea to purchase high quality, low priced furniture while letting yourself become creative and artistic. Even though many customers are highly concerned about the price, it is essential that you also consider the quality and craftsmanship of the unfinished furniture piece. You must know the kind of wood used to make this unfinished furniture. Certain woods are simple to work when compared to other types of wood.


How to Buy Unfinished Furniture

UNFINISHED WOOD FURNITURE BEDROOMSVery grainy and knotty woods are very tough to sand to get a soft, smooth finish. It takes greater time to be made before being ready to be stained or painted. Hence, you need to consider the following points before opting for unfinished furniture. Will you get time to complete this project? If you do not, go for some other kind or check if a furniture piece can be got as a sanded version. Verify the total craftsmanship of such furniture. This kind of furniture also has an added benefit of being in an unfinished, raw state.

Several finished furniture manufacturers cover up the weaknesses and defects present in the wood. However, while buying unfinished furniture it is very easy to observe the quality of what you get. Inspect this furniture assembly. Thoroughly check the unfinished piece for any defects. How are the pieces put together? Did a furniture manufacturer use staples, wood cement or wood glue? Does the furniture piece wobble? Is the furniture level? Does your intended furniture piece have drawers and is their fitting correct? Drawers that are ill fitted are difficult to fix. Always check the drawers of the furniture before you purchase any piece from manufacturers.

The cost of the furniture is also a major indicator about the quality of the furniture you propose to buy. This cost will depend upon the kind of wood utilized, the popularity of a piece as well as its quality. You must lay your hands on a furniture piece which is both good quality and is affordable. Notice the overall craftsmanship. Do-it on your own furniture happens to be a good idea to decorate your home. The above points can aid you to find best quality furniture and let you possess unfinished furniture set for years together. You can overcome all obstacles that crop up while buying unfinished new furniture.

4 Useful Tips When Disassembling Your Furniture

4 Useful Tips When Disassembling Your Furniture

The following advices have proven to be extremely efficient when it comes to disassembling your furniture into its parts. As you know moving furniture is one of the hardest tasks when relocating that is why you need not only to know how exactly to disassemble it but also how to do it in an easy manner as you are not a professional mover after all. The steps outlined below are exactly what you need – they have proven to be efficient and are easy to do in the same way. (more…)

How to use Lemon Oil as Furniture Polish

How to use Lemon Oil as Furniture Polish

Furniture polish has been used by years. Whilst some people love using it, others are not very drawn to the shine furniture polish produces. Nevertheless, furniture polish remains to be one of the most commonly purchased products and will always remain to be a popular purchase.
Why use furniture polish? Well after spending a mini fortune on expensive furniture, the last thing on your mind is wrecking and ruining it. So polishing it on a regular basis will keep is clean, protected from dust and smelling fresh, thus making the whole room look great and smell fresh.
However, did you know that there is a great alternative to furniture polish? That’s right, the use of lemon oil has become more regular and common, since it does not involve any unwanted substances such as beeswax which is commonly found in furniture polish. (more…)

The Approach to Cleaning Upholstery

The Approach to Cleaning Upholstery

Cleaning upholstered furniture is an essential part of overall household cleaning. And it is also one of the most tricky parts of the whole cleaning process. You should be very careful while cleaning the upholstery. The upholstery absorbs dirt from the environment, from time to time somebody spills some coffee or tea and stains are left which need to be treated, and families with pets know how much pet hair the upholstery tends to accumulate. Cleaning the upholstery can be done by vacuuming, brushing or by applying cleaning products. (more…)